Gender concerns, dalit women and girl children empowerment is at the top of all activities of DSS. Every opportunity is utilized to mainstream the dalit women and girl children. The issue of violence against women was raised in a number of ways and dalit women were rallied for their rights and entitlements in all contexts. International women’s day provided such an opportunity. This occasion, on March 8th is usually conducted by many voluntary and government organizations in a non serious atmosphere. Political leaders, feminist organizations conduct the day for gathering and exchange of pleasantries Some conduct essay competitions, women related sports and even competitions among women in drawing Muggulu ( Muggulu are the designs drawn with chalk powder by housewives every day in the morning in front of the house). It is considered as a womanly activity. In fact this is a gender stereo type which confines the role of women as a house wife to clean the front portion of the house and lay muggu every day.

In contrast to the gender stereo types, DSS started celebrating International Women’s Day to focus on dalit women rights. Every year, a theme is selected and campaign for one week is conducted culminating in mammoth public meetings on March 8th.