Convener’s message

Dalit women are victims of universal violence and their rights are violated right from her family to the society at large by one and all. My experience of working with the dalit women made me realize that, despite all the development that the country boasts of, caste and gender prejudices continue to be as dominant as ever before and even today, in the so called era of modernization, there is wide spread prejudice based on caste and patriarchy against dalits and women in general and dalit women in particular. Undoubtedly, it is the prevailing caste and secondary status of women in the society that is largely responsible for violation of human rights of dalit women. It is an unfortunate, stark reality that a large number of dalit women are still engaged in unclean, inferior occupations such as sweeping, scavenging and working in dumping grounds, rag picking and also in prostitution… read more

Who We Are

DSS took shape as an organization in the year 2006 with the goal of organizing dalit women in the state of Andhra Pradesh to struggle for their rights and entitlements. In a State, where the successive governments and political parties are viewing dalit women…read more

What We Do

To capacitate Dalit women leaders to fight against the oppression of caste, class and gender and enhance rights and entitlements of women.DSS has taken up various activities in the direction of reaching the goal of qualitative childhood to dalit girl children and empowerment of dalit women…read more

Women Collectives

 DSS Achievements :

  • A platform formed for dalit women to discuss on their issues from village to state level for the first time.
  • Spread over 2400 villages including slums in 7 districts.
  • Reached out to more than 1 lakh dalit women directly and their families indirectly.
  • Formed Women Collectives at village/slum level with 5-7 members per collective in all these working areas.
  • The women collectives unionised at mandal, district and state levels to identify and address the issues.
  • 1000 dalit women leaders capacitated to identify and address the issues on their own and succeeded in effectively addressing the issues of dalit women and dalit girl children.
  • Demand for the share of dalit women in the budget raised for the first time…Read More